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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

The full title of the song is “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.” I realize that it may appear that I’m a 60’s /70’s /80’s music fan. Actually, I prefer books, but music reaches a wider range of people. Even if the lyrics are translated into another language, the music will form a connection. If the song is unfamiliar, we still find ourselves moving to the rhythm. Even babies sway their hips and shake their bodies to music that they don’t understand, just feel. In this song, my favorite lyrics are “But there’s one thing I know, the blues they send to meet me, won’t defeat me. It won’t be long ‘til happiness steps up to greet me…. Crying’s not for me, cause I’m never going to stop the rain by complaining, because I’m free. Nothing’s worrying me.”

We find ourselves getting drenched by life stuff. It’s natural to focus on the things that we feel are ruined by the downpour. A little drizzle is enough to throw us off our game. But this song moves us into a new reality – don’t dwell on the moment. Yes, we have frizzy hair and wet clothes, but that is temporary; just like the challenges that happen in our lives. When we have a run of what seems like bad luck, it forces us to look at our situations differently. In my faith tradition, someone quoted “If you pray, don’t worry. If you worry, you didn’t pray”. Or something similar to that. We must free ourselves from getting caught up in the moment. If we don’t, we will miss the blessing when it comes. Rain is going to fall. Enjoy it, Embrace it. If you want to journey with people who don’t mind the elements of life, join us. Worship at Emmanuel UMC is 9 am or 11:15 am. Check us out on our webpage or Facebook . Until next time, I leave you with this:

Resist the urge to Allow things to Impede your progress Now and in the future

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