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Ooh Child!

The song, “Ooh Child”, by the Five Stairsteps, was released in 1970. The lyrics are simple and a message of hope. The verses repeat throughout the song so that the listener will be encouraged and believing. The sentiment in these words transcends time.

Ooh child, things are going to get easier. Ooh child things’ll get brighter. Someday, yeah We’ll put it together and get it undone. Some day when your head is much lighter. Someday, yeah well walk in the rays of the beautiful sun. Some day when the world is much brighter.

I remember listening to this song and feeling a sense of comfort. I was eleven at the time of the release, so I didn’t face the things that my adult life presents. I had a lot of living ahead of me. But I watched the news and was aware of the tension that came for the Vietnam war in 1968. Some of the veterans from that war were not treated very well. And I was astute enough to see the disparity between the races that caused the riots after Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. During that time, there was widespread hope that things would get easier. We needed to believe the future would be brighter. We understood that change happens when people get together. And we acknowledged that the appearance of tyranny needed to be undone.

In my faith tradition, there was a time over 2000 years ago that people believed that the birth of the Christ child would bring the hope sung in this song. The change would make their lives easier; brighter; unified; lighter; and less burdensome. His birth gave them, and us, the opportunity to walk in the rays of the beautiful “SON”. This child’s birth meant hope for a people who felt oppressed and needed a savior.

If you desire to see a different world and want to fellowship with like-minded people, join us. We are trying something new at our church. We have a non-traditional start time that blends the energy of contemporary with the foundation of traditional. We are being intentional about including the cultures that worship with us and we are learning to sign the Lord’s prayer. Worship time is 9:45am Sunday morning. You can find us on our webpage or Facebook Until next time.

Come together as a nation Healing and help is needed Inspire those around you Lead the charge for change Devote yourself to a cause


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