What We Offer


Our mission is to include the deaf in the life of the church. Sign Language interpreters are provided for church services, Sunday School, and committees in which deaf members participate. In order for the deaf to share their faith journeys with the rest of the church, sign language classes are provided for members of the church and community.


  • 11:15 Sunday worship service is ASL interpreted. 

  • Sign Language Classes on Sunday mornings from 10:15 to 11:00 am

  • Cultivates opportunities for the deaf to serve as leaders in the church. 


The deaf members are active in the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf, which meets in odd years. The conference is hosted by one of five jurisdictions on a rotating basis. This event provides workshops and business meetings. One member participates in the Conference Deaf Ministry Task Force as well as two other conference committees.


After Washington United Methodist Church of the Deaf in Takoma Park, MD closed in December 1994, a small group of its active members started attending Emmanuel United Methodist Church in January 1995.  Interpreting the 11:00 worship services was done by Margaret Stanton who came with this group. On January 21, 1996, Doris Greve, Bonnie Bland, Beverly Huneycutt, Roy and Carrie White, and Margaret Stanton transferred their memberships.  Later, Theresa Timity took over interpreting for all Sundays except the first Sunday, on which Margaret Stanton interpreted.  After Margaret Stanton moved back to Illinois, Theresa Timity has interpreted on first and fifth Sundays, and different interpreters have been hired to interpret on other Sundays.

Several sign-language classes were provided several times over the past 16 plus years to help bridge the communication gap between the hearing and Deaf members not only within the church but also neighboring churches and the community. 

The members had performed as a signing choir a number of times.  They also participated in the annual Living Nativity outside the church a number of times and signed with the Carolers.  It also led the One Room Schoolhouse once a year.  The group also conducted the Deaf Awareness Sunday worship services in September 2002.  Roy White preached the sermon that was focused on the scriptural reading of Mark 7: 32-25. 

The group has made contributions to Zimbabwe and Kenya Deaf Missionary funds, Deaf-REACH, Deaf Outreach, Deaf Interfaith, and Deaf-Blind Camps.  Margaret Stanton received generous financial support from the church to be involved in Zimbabwe and Kenya doing Deaf Mission work in July 2000.  

Beyond this local church, the group has been active in United Methodist Congress of the Deaf, which meets on odd years, and in Northeast Jurisdiction of UMCD on even years.  The group was responsible for hosting the banquet of the first Global UMCD in 2005 at Baltimore.  It also hosted the NEJ UMCD at West River United Methodist Conference Center on June 2006.  Carrie and Roy White were honored to attend the second Global UMCD in South Korea on July 29 – August 6, 2009.

Roy White has been involved in the Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Conference in various capacities.  He is a lay member at large for the Deaf community and a member of Arrangements Committee.  He was also a member of Commission on Planning, Research, and Evaluation, Commission on Sessions, and Conference Deaf Ministry Committee.  Also, he has been volunteering as a Support Service Provider at Deaf-Blind Camp at West River Conference Center for the past four years.

The Deaf Fellowship Ministry is deeply appreciative of the support from the Emmanuel United Methodist Church for allowing this ministry to exist.  It will continue to reach out to the Deaf and hard of hearing who are non-religious and nominally religious for this ministry to expand.